Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Oh, Yeah!

Just a quick note to make an observation of stunning social and moral impact: I notice in the most recent T.V. ad for Kool-Aid that the Kool-Aid Man is wearing pants. Well, shorts, really. Does that mean that the creepy pervert invaded the Saturday mornings of my youth naked? Busting through walls in the all-together to provide refreshment to unsuspecting kids in any number of situations of dire thirst. Come to think of it, Kool-Aid Man is giving the kiddies Kool-Aid and he himself is filled with Kool-Aid! *shudder*
I never noticed any discernible genitalia on the Kool-Aid Man before, but I am not qualified in the sexing of commercial beverage mascots, nor was I really looking.
Maybe it's just one of the mysteries of the ages like, "Why does Mickey Mouse wear pants, but Donald Duck just wear a shirt?" Mickey, shoes, Donald, bare feet. Porky Pig with a jacket, but Bugs and Daffy naked! Baffling!
Anyway, now that Kool-Aid Man has pants on, I suppose the dangers of corrupting young minds is passed except for the damage already done.
If you would like to read more than you could ever conceivably want to know about Kool-Aid Man, check out this page. Or don't. You are probably smarter not to.