Friday, April 01, 2005

Technology Hates Me.

So after an unexpectedly long hiatus, I finally sat down to write another entry. These things are just stream of consciousness, so I don't really know what I'm writing until I'm done (Except for the CFRB thing...that one I planned out). After about an hour of kvetching about the state of local public transit, I hit 'Publish Blog' and was rewarded with a 'The application Netscape has unexpectedly quit'. Yeah. Unexpected. No kidding.
Anyway, it was about the TTC (Toronto Transit Commision) and I will try to re-write it but now it will suffer from self censure and editing. I think I did a good job on the first draft and I hope I can do as well on the second attempt.
This after I seem to have become a 'Kernel Panic' magnet (MAC users know what I mean...). One at work and two at home. Rare as the 'Kernel Panic' is, why should I see it 3 times in one week?
Just the way it is for me and computers.
On some completely unrelated matters:

1: Burger King rocks, McDonalds sucks. Bringing Back the Burger King is awesome, and they should bring back the animated Burger King too (watch this, kids, as I twist my ring; like magic we're at Burger King!). One on one, Burger King would kick Ronald McDonald's ass. Maybe they are both magic, but I have noticed that Ronald's allies are mysteriously absent lately. Where is Officer Big Mac? Where did Mayor McCheese go? Did the Hamburglar run up against California's three-strike rule? What about his protegé, the Cheeseburglar? And the Fry Guys? And how did four-armed Grimace become regular Grimace? (And why is he named Grimace when he is so jolly? I had an old friend that went to McDonald's Hamburger U (Trust me, you don't want to know...) and she told me Grimace is purple because that is the colour of three milkshake colours mixed together: vanilla chocolate and strawberry...but I guess his extraneous arms went the way of Ronald's paper cup nose...)
2: P. Diddy/Puffy/WTF... Why does anybody care if Sean Combs makes a line of shiny new hubcaps for cars that no real person ever cares to own? Then again, why have the media been calling him a 'fashion designer' when all he does is permit lousy sweatshop tracksuits to have his logo slapped on them? P. whateverthefuckurcallingyrselfthisweek Diddy is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the fashion industry, the music industry, television (his MTV show sucks so hard), movies (gangsta rap Ocean's Eleven? I'm gagging at the thought of it!) If you are buying into this man's products, you are doing nothing but making a single man very wealthy. I see you on the bus every day. You really need to get out and accomplish something for yourself. If you spent the time, money and energy that you devote to acquiring 'Sean John' branded clothes to bettering yourself, you might be pimping your own tracksuits to the slack-jawed masses on MuchMusic.
3: Scrubbing Bubbles... or something like that. A couple of years ago no manufacturer would present a new product without attaching a recycled or a post-consumer waste, or at least an 'environmentally friendly' (vague enough to be permissive, specific enough to placate the latent Hippies...) tag to the thing. Now there's a flushable 'toilet wand'. Why make a product that never needed to be? How difficult is it for the average person to use a regular toilet brush? Or - Heaven forbid - reach into the clean water that came from the same water main as your drinking and bathing water and scrub it with a friggin' sponge? The 'Swiffer' thing amazes me too. I have a reusable version. It's called a mop. Of course, if these products were manufactured by clients of mine, I might be more charitable, but they are not, so: Stop making shit that ends up in landfills!
4: Dr.Who: I am looking forward to the Canadian debut of the new Doctor Who series on CBC here in the Toronto area. I have read some conflicting reviews, but they tend to be quite positive. I have spent many happy hours in my life watching the old series and I hope that the revival of The Doctor is on par with the resurrection of the Star Trek franchise. The Made-For-TV-Movie® version that featured Sylvester McCoy was truly terrible and not in keeping with the Dr. Who legacy at all.
That's about it for now. I am full of complaints and observations, but that's all I have for now. Except for the Mr. Sub ads here in Southern Ontario. They rock. "Just Can't Get Enough..." Is that Depeche Mode or Erasure? I'm not sure, but those commercials are awesome. I need to try to re-construct my last effort.
But it was really whiny.
Not like this one.


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