Thursday, December 09, 2004

The World is my Oyster - and I'm Allergic to Shellfish!

What a week. A month. A year. Listen, I am not actually allergic to shellfish, but the title of this entry is just reflective of how I feel when everything kind of starts to go into the crapper at once.
I have a new job that pays about 25% more than my last job, but I don't seem to be stuffing any excess cash into my mattress. Christmas is coming and my home computer died yesterday, my bathtub leaked through the floor and damaged the basement ceiling the day before and on the weekend my car's check engine light came on (again).
I have been trying to write a new blog all week, but I am also trying to get my Christmas Cards done (A four-colour wood block print that might have been a little bit too ambitious to start in November...).
Oh, and while working on the wood blocks, I stabbed myself in the thumb with a chisel. Nicely done.
So, I will be tearing drywall apart and replacing some fifty year-old drains this weekend. If I get my home computer up and running, maybe I will write a proper entry as well.
Oh, yeah, and update my website. And finish the new animation for the opening page. And get my laundry sorted out. And start on some drawings - after I set up my new (used) drafting table. And clean up the storage room to get my old drafting table in there. And unpack the boxes for my computer room. And put up the shelves in the computer room. And the shelves in the laundry room. And get some Christmas presents. And get new shoes before winter. And so on. And so on. And so on.


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